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Call In-Check Business Services for all your needs!
Never worry with numbers again! In-Check professionals offload your bookkeeping responsibilities and keep your personal and business accounts up to date and error free!
Call In-Check to be liberated from the drudgery of paperwork and balancing checkbooks. Have more time to build your business, plan ahead, be with family or take a vacation. 
Relax knowing that In-Check is there, keeping your books in perfect order. Income tax preparation is offered to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Your assured of getting every allowable tax advantage on your income.

Did you miss April 15 filing? Call now for help!

Bookkeeping is sometime confusing and subject to errors by inexperienced individuals and business owners. Tax laws change so frequently it's difficult to keep up. In-Check professionals use best bookkeeping practices, procedures and principles to check and double-check the accuracy of your accounts, records and books. Income tax specialists stay abreast of the latest changes in tax laws to maximize eligible deductions. Leave nothing to chance. Call In-Check!
Payroll preparation can't get any easier!
In-Check does it all for you! We do everything, from check processing and printing, to direct deposits and complete reporting. You will work with knowledgeable professionals, who respond quickly to questions and are dedicated providing you with quality service. Most importantly, you will enjoy freedom from spending hours preparing for payday.
Residential Care Reports
In-Check specializes in Texas Residential Care Reports. Complete end to end services are offered to assisted living community organizations. In-Check can provide bookkeeping and payroll services, budget and costing analysis, and submit the required reporting such as RC and CBA AL/RC. It just doesn't make sense not to consider tapping into the considerable, cumulative experience In-Check has in the Residential Care industry. Call today, to learn how In-Check can help your living assisted community grow.
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